The Underwear Rocks

As the editor or a major American regional outdoor recreation magazine I get sent a lot of free outdoor swag. (I’m still looking for–or maybe NOT looking for–an opportunity to test the Blood Stop Hemostatic Gauze that came in the mail.) I don’t usually bother to give the products big ups unless they deserve it. Such is the case Duluth Performance Underwear. I’m always on the hunt for a better boxer brief that can handle the office and the bike commute in summer and winter with bunchin’ up, stinkin’ or wearing out quick. Bonus points for looking good and feeling really comfortable. They are a little more spendy, but well worth it. Duluth Performance Underwear does all of the above. Duluth Trading Co: if you are reading this please send 10 more pairs size large 34-36 in dark blue.

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