The Undecided Fate of the Westwood Natural Area

A local 190-acre natural area, known as the Westwood Natural Area or Thorpe Property, is currently up for sale by the State of Washington. In a neighborhood that is already shadowed by a proposed 3,500 development units with inadequate infrastructure for the load, natural areas such as this hang in the balance. The City of Spokane recently applied to acquire the Westwood Natural Area through a program called Trust Land Transfer, to be approved or denied by the Department of Natural Resources, but there remains pressure and intense interest from private capital for the property. Local Phil Larkin, who frequents the natural area, says the views rival those of Palisades Park, with large trees gracing meadows and a crown of basalt outcroppings. Visit for a map on how to access this natural area with a 1-mile trail and how to voice support for the continuation of this natural area.

Cover photo courtesy of Phil Larkin

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