The Skinny on Trail Work

Jessie Mueller and Sue and Sue PaDelford wait to remove the cut out sections.Photo Leon Sproule.

Just recieved a great email about trail work:

Dear Editor,

This is just a note to tell you that I enjoy reading your magazine. There is always something to catch your attention about the things that are going on in the outdoors around here. The pleasure and surprise has been even greater as I find a picture of myself amongst the rest of the stories not just in May but also in the June issue. Amazing who would have thought such fame would come from clearing a trail. Did you notice the horse in the background of the pictures that you used? That is because my wife Virginia Carter and I rode our horses into the wilderness to get to the trees with the saw tied across the rear of my horse. We are members of the Northeast Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen because we want to work to preserve access into the woods.

It was a great pleasure to join with Washington Trails and Northwest Conservation and work with some good people. There are many opportunities to work with various groups doing trail work. Back Country Horsemen have several work parties scheduled for this summer. Over Memorial Day weekend a group of 26 volunteers joined the Priest Lake Ranger District on clearing the trails around Priest Lake. This work party has been a tradition for numerous years and the people who use the trails are grateful that his tradition continues. My wife and three people from the Sandpoint helped me clear the Wood Rat Trail from Hills Resort to the Outlet Bay Campground. It took us two days to clear a little over five miles. My wife counted 70 trees that had to be cleared from the trail, due to the high winds experienced in the area some were large and some were in big piles.

Jessie waits as I cut. Our horses are in the background.

A group of hikers expressing their appreciation to Jessie and her horse Bar. The scouts helped to count the cut trees and lets us know we were almost done.

My wife, Virginia Carter, Jessie and I get our picture taken by a thankful hiker, note the hiking staff leaning on the cedar tree.

Any way this is only one of the several trails that were restored to usefulness. I heard that the other crews had big piles of large logs also. A lot was accomplished by enthusiastic volunteers who had a good time riding their horses to help keep the trails open for the public. I thought you might be interested. Keep up the good publication.

Leon Sproule

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