The River Wild


A Maple St. Bridge pylon is battered by water. // Jon Snyder

Ladies and gentleman, introducing the Spokane River–on steroids. The river is raging, still rising and no longer suitable for recreation activities at the moment, in case that wasn’t obvious. Spokane County has asked folks to stay out of the river. The Northwest Whitewater Association has canceled its Friday Night float. According to USGS the river is running at almost 40K CFS and isn’t expected to peak until Saturday. The Centennial Trail near Avista is completely submerged. Please go out and loook at the river, which may not get this high again for years, but stay out until the waters recede. I took a bunch of pictures of the low-level flooding and sandbagging in Peaceful Valley.deade.jpg

The Water Ave. Put-in



Peaceful Valley Park Put-In



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