The Bear Bowl Breaks New Ground

The Bear Bowl stands alone as the first folding cook pot on the market. This product revolutionizes the industry and alters the outdoor arena. The Bear Bowl is compact, lightweight, and small but holds a whopping 32 ounces of water. It works with most camp stoves or over a fire in a survival situation. Also, the handle features nearly 12 feet of Paracord, boasting thousands of options for survival and general purpose camping.

Compared to all other camping items, the generic cook pot might be the least innovative item until now. Whereas tents and packs and stoves have been completely revamped in recent years, the cook pot has received less attention. The compact Bear Bowl overpowers previous cook pots because it folds into the size of a wallet, yet it unfolds to boil water, cook dinner, or operate as a skillet to fry an egg. Best of all, the unit folds flat for the easiest cleaning in camping history.

The Bear Bowl features other convenient uses as well—especially as a portable dog dish and container for holding trail food, harvesting huckleberries, or scooping up water to put out the campfire. Bear Minimum, the company responsible for the Bear Bowl, is Inland Northwest owned, and the Bear Bowl is just one of many products rolling out in the future. Definitely follow them on Facebook or Instagram to learn about their other new products. //

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