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Snowshoeing with Conservation NW

Join Conservation Northwest for their Columbia Highlands snowshoe daytrip this Saturday, February 6th. Get some great exercise, fresh air and beautiful views this weekend in a potential wilderness area. The 6-mile trip begins at the Thirteenmile campground through the Cougar Mountain roadless area in the Colville National Forest. It’s free, guided by experts and includes carpooling from Spokane. Beginners are welcome. […]

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What’s Going On With the Gray Wolves?

Gray Wolf pups in the Methow Valley, Washington. // Photo Courtesy of Conservation Northwest. Lot’s of things. You may not know about these controversial endangered animals, including the latest on the Okanogan poaching case, that’s why we called Conservation Northwest’s Jasmine Minbashian for the latest.Click here for brief interview with Jasmine Minbashian of Conservation Northwest.

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