Survey Shows Support for Conservation Futures Program

In a recent online survey conducted by Spokane County Parks as part of their park plan update process, results indicate there is overwhelming support for the Conservation Futures program, with 94% of respondents agreeing that Spokane County should continue to pursue land and open space preservation. The survey also revealed the public’s interest in improved restrooms and adding a nature playground at community parks, as well as trail system improvements, restroom improvements, and swimming access/docks at regional parks. The top priority of survey respondents asked to prioritize open space initiatives was to connect the Dishman Hills, followed by connecting Palisades Park to Riverside State Park. Working towards trail and habitat connectivity between Antoine Peak and Mount Spokane State Park and expanding the Little Spokane River Natural Area also rated high in the survey. There was also a strong preference to allocate money to enhance and expand natural areas, conservation areas, and regional trails around the region.

Photo by Shallan Knowles.

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