Summer Day Camps at Mt. Spokane  

Cover photo courtesy of Mt Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park

Choose from mountain adventure and mountain bike themed camps. 

Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park is the only nonprofit ski area in our region and serves as a steward of our cherished mountain. This organization is not only rich in teaching children winter sports, but in recent years their team has expanded to provide summer day camps on the mountain. These camps offer kids an incredible opportunity to embark on adventures, learn new skills, and form lasting friendships, all while understanding the importance of preserving our natural environment. 

Adventure Day Camps 

These camps span three unforgettable days where children discover the value of the great outdoors in the heart of Mount Spokane State Park. Through various games and outdoor activities, campers develop respect for the mountain and its wildlife. The camp agenda includes exciting activities such as climbing, hiking, and crafting, with a continuous focus on environmental stewardship. 

Courtesy of Mt Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park

Mountain Bike Skills Camps  

Four days of thrilling exploration of park trails are included in these mountain bike skills camps. Campers bring their own mountain bikes and learn to master jumps, negotiate dirt paths, and navigate roots and rocks. The emphasis is on improving technical skills, culminating in daily trail rides. Campers also learn valuable skills like fixing a flat tire and the importance of trail maintenance. 

Both the adventure and mountain bike skills summer day camps are offered for six unique weeks, beginning at the end of June and extending into early August. This diverse schedule is designed to accommodate families’ busy summer plans with children aged 5 to 15. The cost varies, with prices starting as low as $189 and reaching up to $299, offering options to fit various budgets. Understanding that parents often juggle multiple responsibilities, the ski lodge is open to use as a workspace. This enables parents to remain productive while their children are engaged in various camp activities.  

Courtesy of Mt Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park

Sponsor a Camper 

Mt. Spokane offers a unique opportunity for you to make a positive impact by sponsoring a camper. Your generous donation can enable children from deserving families to experience the joy of camp. Scholarships funded by your contributions allow these families to send their children to camp, an experience that might otherwise be financially unattainable. Your support can help create unforgettable summer memories for a child. Donate by contacting the Mt. Spokane team. Find more info and sign up at


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