Spokane Rules. Even more than you thought.

Jon Snyder as he appears in the new Knog catalog. Photo courtesy of Knog.

What do Tokyo, Rio, Portland, Koln, Brighton, Paris, and Spokane all have in common? If you said they’re all world capitals of bicycle hipsterism you’re absolutely right. What’s that you say? How can Spokane make a claim to being shortlisted for bike supremacy in the world, much less the state? Well perhaps it’s because over 200 people showed up to an FBC ride this summer and the world took notice. In particular Knog, one of the coolest bike accessory companies in the world noticed–and included our city in their annual bike catalog, which is a whose-who of great bike cities. Don’t take my word for it, download their 2010 catalog here. For me this is just as good or better than Spokane landing on one of those best-city-to-do-whatever lists. This is real worldwide recognition. Cycling Spokane has a great post you should read about this, giving great props to the FBC’s Jeff and Lisa, without whom this great honor would have never occurred.

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