Spokane Fly Fishers’ Fly Fishing School Starts in February

Over the last 10 years, over 400 students have learned to fly fish through the Spokane Fly Fishers’ Fly Fishing School. If you’ve been wanting to learn to fly fish, this is your opportunity to learn from local experts. The comprehensive class covers the bases from equipment and gear, knot tying, entomology, reading water, safety, fish identification, fly-fishing history, casting, vocabulary, and more. The program includes 7 three-hour evening classroom sessions held at the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council building in north Spokane, three casting sessions at a local park (held Saturday mornings in March), and one final casting session on the water March 31. The Fly Fishing School runs from mid-February through March 31 and costs $125 for adults over 18 who are not club members, or $75 for ages 12-17 (tuition includes club membership). The cost for existing members is only $75. To sign up for Fly Fishing School, contact Claude Kistler at fs@spokaneflyfishers.com or 509.747.2268.

The Spokane Fly Fishers was founded in 1977 to provide a fly fishing club for families in the Spokane region. In addition to providing family-oriented activities and skill-building programs like fly-tying classes, SFF sponsors about 20 fishing outings for members on regional waters that beginners are encouraged to attend to sharpen their skills and learn from long-time members. Learn more about the club and their programs at Spokaneflyfishers.com //

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