Spokane Edible Tree Project Wants to Help You Harvest Unwanted Fruit for the Hungry

The Spokane Edible Tree Project, a new non-profit based off of the Portland Fruit Tree Project, is looking for your help charting and mapping fruit and nut trees in Spokane County that might otherwise go to waste. The plan is to convince as many people who have fruit and nut trees in their yards or on other private property that are not being harvested to register their trees – that way, an already existing, healthy food source can be salvaged and donated to food banks.

Spokane Edible Tree Project founder Kate Burke says that the group plans to branch out in the next few years to community outreach and education, including teaching people different ways to preserve their own fruit and nut tree crops. The group also hopes to offer opportunities for people to become “tree care specialists” that can go out to prune and “fix” neglected trees to rehab them back into being productive in the future. You can learn more about the effort, register your trees or sign up and volunteer to help scout for trees or harvest when the season is right at spokaneedibletreeproject.org.


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