Slay the Dragon 50k (June 29)

A race for the bravest of runners and lovers of lore, Slay the Dragon 50K attracts all levels of competitors from around the Inland Northwest to SilverStar Mountain Resort, in south-central British Columbia, to take on their newest stretch of singletrack named “Beowulf.”

Inspired by the literary hero, this trail winds high and low around the resort, reaching upwards of 6,400 feet, while also largely remaining tucked in the lush, B.C. foliage. With vistas all around Silver Star Provincial Park and the Monashee Mountains, and with lodging available right at the resort, this race is a destination worth traveling for.

Also, as the race is situated high enough to beat the summer heat, but not so high as to push the limits of oxygen intake, Slay the Dragon is a great opportunity for those dipping their toes in the ultra-running world or wanting to add a friendly race to their existing schedule. Put on by experienced directors and in partnership with Bush Babes & Bros Trail Running, this event, although new to the scene, is well organized and sure to be challenging in only the right ways. Additional race lengths are available as well, including “The Grendle” 13K run and “Grendle’s Mom” 25K. Enjoy the long Canada Day weekend, channel your inner prince or princess, and try your hero’s hand at Slaying the Dragon. For more information on the race, or to sign up, visit the events page at or find Slay the Dragon on

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