Silver Valley Paleo Company Making Tasty Foods

Having experimented with a lot of diet-specific foods, I always enjoy coming across a product that follows specific diet requirements while still tasting delicious. However, many times, regardless of flavor, these foods just have terrible textures. They fall apart, are a completely different texture than their glutinous counterparts, or are tough, dry, and inedible. Silver Valley’s Savor Tooth Paleo is tasty, conforms to the Paleo diet, and is meticulously true in consistency to what you would expect in a pizza crust, tortilla, brownie, and more.

Cyfrin Barefoot, founder of Savor Tooth, describes herself as “a bio hacker, a sprinter, a do-gooder, and an anti-aging enthusiast.” She has a passion for digging deeply into the quickly evolving scientific research about health, nutrition, food, and supplements. “There’s so much information to make heads or tails of,” she explains. “That’s what I mean by bio-hacking. I will try anything to improve my health.”

After experiencing a severe bacterial overgrowth in her digestive system, which made her really sick ”for over nine months, she chose to pursue the paleo diet and establish a business of crafting paleo foods. At the time, there was very little prepared food available for paleo eaters, and people had to cook everything from scratch. “In that process, I had to learn about my body again, as an older person, and just trying to be well,” Cyfrin recalls. She had eaten healthy her whole life, and this was a new exploration of who she was on this planet, in relation to food.

Aside from being an Inland Northwest company and using quality, creative, and clean ingredients, I was particularly impressed that the Savor Tooth tortillas didn’t fall apart when topped with juicy steak, kimchi, roasted peppers, labneh, and crispy chickpeas. Order at or pick up one of their products at Natural Grocers, Yokes, Huckleberry’s, Pilgrim’s Market, or other health food stores outside our region. //

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