Gear Review: Shumake Designs Suspended Fire Pits

Created in Spokane by artist Scott Shumake, these tri-pod-suspended fire pits turn heads with their aesthetic designs and will transform your backyard, festival, or campground campfires into a whole new way to experience an ancient human tradition—gathering around the warmth and light of a shared blaze with your tribe of friends and family. Load one of these firepits up with some seasoned kindling, watch the wall-to-wall air-flow aid in easy fire starting, then give the fire pit a spin for a mesmerizing dance of glowing coals and flashes of flames. Great for children still learning to manage themselves around fire, you’ll find yourself planning more backyard marshmallow and hotdog roasts than ever. Each fire pit is made from 100% repurposed metal, and Shumake has several different styles and designs, including fire pits with grilling surfaces. For inquiries about buying or renting a fire pit or custom order options, call 509-720-3594. You can also check them out on Instagram at @scottshumake.

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