Sea to Summit Telos TR2 Bikepacking Tent 

I took the Telos TR2 two-person tent on a four-day bikepacking trip in Central Idaho last fall and was struck by several features of this popular Sea to Summit backpacking tent that’s been retrofitted for bikepacking. First, it comes in two waterproof, highly durable dry sacks that, with the included stretch straps, allow you to attach them to various bike parts, including front forks, handlebars, or elsewhere thanks to shorter tent pole segments. I love having this option, but since I was rolling with voluminous paniers on that particular trip I opted for less weight and left the dry sacks behind.  

By far the best tent I’ve used while bikepacking, the Telos TR2 is roomy, free-standing, and has side-opening doors with vestibules that allow for comfortable, in-bed cooking in bad weather. While there’s plenty of space for two, I will happily carry this 3-lb., 11-oz. package on future solo-sleeping rides just for the extra room to sprawl and stretch sore legs. The construction seems exceptionally solid, and color-coded poles make it easy to set up when you are exhausted or in the dark. Venting was excellent, and it’s built to withstand the worst of three-season weather. MSRP: $524-$699.

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