Save Walkability, Save Music At the Rocket

The Rocket Market on 43rd is a Spokane neighborhood treasure. Over the last few years they have successfully produced free local music concerts in their parking lot that have been a hit with neighbors and patrons. But the police have shut down the lightly amplified acoustic music concerts because of a noise complaint. Read Som Jordan’s account of the situation here. This is exactly the sort of issue that I would like to work on in City Council. The Rocket Market is a great small business which offers the neighborhood gourmet and local food without having to drive long distances. When they added small outdoor concerts in the summer they not only filled a need for neighborhood-based arts and culture they also helped increase the walkability for all the surrounding residences. Instead of increasing traffic through the neighborhood now residents could walk or bike to hear some local music.

Right now the Rocket is faced with having to possible pay $200 for each free outdoor concert—a cost that will certainly kill the music. The city needs to look at this situation and come up with an ordinance solution that makes it possible for small businesses like the Rocket Market to offer live entertainment. If we, as citizens, are committed to a more pedestrian-friendly Spokane we have to make sure there are great things in our neighborhoods that folks can walk to. If you care about this issue please contact the City Council and the Mayor and let them know that Rocket Market music and walkable neighborhoods are important to you.

-Jon Snyder

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