SaddleSore 24 Fundraiser for Cup of Cool Water (May 12)

Local athlete Jeremy Anglin has a heart for both endurance sports and Cup of Cool Water, a faith-based nonprofit organization in downtown Spokane that helps youth who are homeless. He’s decided to combine these two passions and do some good in the process. SaddleSore 24 is a one-man 24-hour bike ride fundraiser for Cup of Cool Water. The 24-hour bike ride will happen all in one location: on a stationary bike trainer located in front of River Park Square. The event will take place from noon on Thursday, May 12 until noon on Friday, May 13. Anglin is inviting local businesses, organizations, churches and individuals to sponsor an hour of his 24-hour bike ride. During their 60 minutes, hourly sponsors can use the onsite microphone to cross-promote their organization, give away promotional items, provide family-friendly entertainment, conduct a simultaneous social media campaign, or spotlight team and community members. Before, during and after the SaddleSore 24 event, Anglin will promote sponsoring organizations throughout his social media platforms, which reach 1,500 people across the Inland Northwest. 100% of the money he raises will benefit Cup of Cool Water. Sponsorship levels range from $100 to $750 per hour.

Anglin has been involved with Cup of Cool Water for about 10 years. One day, he and some friends from church made 50 burritos, loaded their backpacks with them, met at Cup of Cool Water, and then delivered the burritos on their bikes to street youth. Since that night, he has supported Cup of Cool Water in several ways. “I have a passion for our youth,” he says. “It breaks my heart to see a teenager who feels like there is no hope. Love provides hope, and CCW provides that love to these kids every day.” For more information, visit or

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