SABRE Pepper Spray and Gel

I first took to carrying a small can of pepper spray on nighttime runs when I moved to Spokane’s West Central neighborhood, and then added another pepper spray cannister to my around-town bike and stroller for rides and commutes after my son was born.

I’ve never come close to using what my son knows as “bad guys spray,” but the peace of mind of having some effective deterrent in case of an unlikely altercation with a deranged human being or aggressive canine is priceless. 

SABRE is the nation’s leading provider for personal safety products, and I started carrying a few of their products this spring. The 12-foot range Duathlete Pepper Gel with Adjustable Arm Band is great for walking or running, and the Cyclist Pepper Spray comes on an adjustable bike strap and provides a ten-foot range with 45 spray bursts. 

canister of pepper spray
SABRE Pepper Spray and Gel

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