Running and Walking Gear to Get You Out on the Trail – Local Gear Spotlight: GSI Pinnacle Canister Stove

In the vast field of backpacking stoves, it all boils down to price and weight. The formulas for heat efficiency, gas mixture and boil time are not standardized from one manufacturer to the next. But everyone can easily see the GSI Pinnacle weighs less and costs less than the MSR Micro Rocket and the Snow Peak Giga Power. It’s also more compact, and it nests within the award-winning GSI Ultralight cookware. The stainless steel pot supports fold in a unique way, and the stove actually takes up less space in your pack than most headlamps. Admittedly, it’s a canister stove, so it’s prudent to bring along a backup canister, which negates some of the weight and space savings. I tested the Pinnacle multiple times, and I even let my kids use it, and we all agreed it’s the best stove we have used for my coffee in the morning and their hot chocolate at night. //

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