Rossland Biking Beta Headquarters: Revolution Cycles 

Once you’ve visited Rossland, B.C., for a mountain biking trip, you won’t roll your eyes when you run across a proclamation of the Kootenay town being crowned Canada’s mountain biking capital. Seeing, and in this case, riding, is believing. One of the greatest joys of Rossland—in addition to the quality of trails, laid-back historic downtown with plenty of pubs and eateries, friendly people, and lack of corporate chain stores and restaurants—is that no matter where you stay, you can ditch the car and ride and walk everywhere! 

Rossland has a rich history of mountain bike racing, with the orginal Rubberhead Festival kicking off back in 1985. Photo courtesy of

Of course, you can spend days getting the town’s trails and other local secrets slowly dialed through trial and error, but why waste precious time? My first stop on a trip to Rossland is to Revolution Cycles, located downtown on Columbia Ave. conveniently next to Rossland Beer Company and across the street from the reliable provisions stop, Ferraro Foods. Revolution Cycles is the longtime purveyor of bikes, gear, and invaluable local biking knowledge, and a stop to chat up the staff about the latest trail conditions, closures, and new trails won’t be time wasted. 

Revolution is also a great place to pick up any biking supplies or parts, get a last-minute bike tweak, or find a cool bike shop t-shirt or bike-art souvenir. With the exchange rate continuing to favor the American dollar big time, it may not hurt to stock up on the critical supply staples that help keep your ride rolling. Check out the shop’s inventory and info at (Derrick Knowles) 

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