Rocky Talkie Mountain Radios

This fall I ended up elk hunting in an area with no cell service at camp or in the field. Our first day out almost led to my dad and his buddy heading out to find me after a later-than-expected return to camp. The next day we deployed my new Rocky Talkie Mountain Radios for coordinating our three-person hunting plan. We had great range coverage (.5-3 miles in the type of forest/hills we were in), and they get 1-5 miles in the mountains and up to 25+ miles with line of sight. The radios are light and seem very durable and have rechargeable batteries that last up to five days per charge, surviving even in crazy cold temps (down to -20F). They have a solid carabiner attachment for packs and other gear connection points and were super easy to figure out and use, with no complex menus to decipher. These radios would be perfect for backcountry skiing and climbing trips too. MSRP: $220.

Photo Courtesy Rocky Talkie

Cover photo courtesy Rocky Talkie

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