Roast House Coffee’s Free the Snake Blend

When Roast House Coffee commits to a cause, they go all in. Community involvement and engaging in significant causes sit at the top of Roast House’s to-do list, and they’re never crossed out.

Free The Snake coffee benefits Save Our Wild Salmon, and it’s aimed at helping restore the lower Snake River canyons to bring back wild salmon and steelhead to thousands of miles of Inland Northwest rivers and streams in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Roast House uses 100% Arabica coffee beans to create a beautiful and rich coffee. The aroma has notes of cooked blueberries or dried black cherries. Roast House claims that Free the Snake has a complex body, but that’s only at the start. The second and third cup from a pot is smooth with a slight cocoa aftertaste. As the coffee cools, the sweetness subsides and allows for hearty, delicious coffee to keep you energized.

The brilliant artwork featured on the coffee bag comes from artist Melissa Cole. She writes, “My husband is an underwater photographer, and I have been lucky enough to swim with wild salmon in the Adams River in British Columbia for an article on snorkeling with salmon. The images of the sinuous salmon swimming upstream with single-minded determination to spawn are forever etched upon my mind. I created this design in an attempt to help restore their environment, so that they may have the chance to swim upstream once more.”

Roast House easily succeeds at creating a hearty and delightful cup of joe, but the real highlight is the conscious intent to give back to a special cause. While other coffees boast about free trade or organic beans, Roast House goes the extra mile. It’s also passionate about organic, sustainable, delicious coffees, and the local roaster invests in important causes dear to many of us. Visit to learn more about the critical issue of river and salmon restoration. //

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