Ride Your Bike To Bloomsday

Here’s reminder that you can ride your bike to Bloomsday and park it for free, thanks to the Spokane Bicycle Club:

Bloomsday Bike Corral – Sunday May 2, 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM
The Spokane Bicycle Club is looking for corral users, also for volunteers to man the corral. For the 16th year, the Spokane Bicycle Club will be hosting free, attended bike parking in Riverfront Park during Bloomsday. We set up a fenced area just south of the old YMCA. Bloomsday attendees can park with us, and count on their bikes not being stolen or vandalized while they are out doing the race. It’s that simple. Corral users are most grateful for our assistance and it is positive free publicity for our club.

Over the years we have seen people get pretty inventive about how they incorporate the Bike Corral into their traditional Bloomsday activities. People often check their warmup clothes or picnic coolers with us as well as their bikes. One year a family brought in a tandem towing a trailer, with backpack gear to tote the younger kids around the Bloomsday course. Another time, an obliging spouse racked his wife’s bike onto the back of his own (Exercycle extension required) so she could ride the bike in, but take the bus home. We’ve seen the gamut of bike values as well. One person will bring in a bike with tires half-flat and a year’s worth of dust on the frame. The next guy will bring in his titanium Lite Speed. We’ve been pressed into service to pump up bike and stroller tires. Last year, we gave a skinny, light-headed racer an emergency injection of coffee cake after the run.

Please consider- If you are participating in Bloomsday, getting to the start by bike will save you some hassle. You can ride right in, then stroll a block or two to the race start. Valley folks should use the Centennial Trail. Northsiders can approach from Howard Street. Southsiders may need to detour west to Lincoln, to get around the race lineup, but also are aiming for Howard Street.

If you are not running Bloomsday, but would like to help, I am looking for volunteers for two shifts, 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM, also 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Give me a call if you would like to assist.

Sally Phillips 448-6271

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