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WSDOT is incorporating a bicycle and pedestrian trail into the new stretch of highway 395 called the North Spokane Corridor. Cyclists are invited to be the first to ride the Children of the Sun Trail, as it’s called, during the project’s August 22 ribbon cutting ceremony.

Read on for participation information from Bike To Work Spokane, including how to sign up your family and/or bike club.

Be Among the First to Ride the New Children of the Sun Trail!

Saturday, August 22, you can be in the first group of cyclists to ride the new Children of the Sun Trail, part of the US 395 North Spokane Corridor.

This short trail ride is planned as part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony being organized by Washington Dept. of Transportation with the assistance of community partners. And there’s a commemorative water bottle in it for you too!

A bike/pedestrian trail will run the entire length of the new corridor, and it is being completed in conjunction with the highway-not after the construction for vehicles is done.

Organizers of the event would like some idea of how many cyclists will participate. Please email info@biketoworkspokane.org by Thursday 8/20 with the subject line “8/22 XX,” where XX is the number of riders you plan to have with you. If you’re with a bike club, include the name of the club in the subject line as well; organizers have asked for names of participating clubs.

The new trailhead north of Lincoln on Freya has about 12 parking spots. You may want to find parking somewhere else and bike to the trailhead for the start.

We’ll take off from the trailhead at about 12:15pm and ride north to where the trail crosses Market. The ribbon-cutting ceremony takes place at 1pm on the bridge at this point.

We can lean our bikes up against the bridge side walls or keep them with us-we just need to make sure we leave a clear path for the kid cyclists who will be coming through to help with the ribbon cutting (being arranged for separately).

After the ceremony, you can ride to the end at Farwell and back, if you like. Total length from the trailhead to Farwell is under 4 miles one-way-a pleasant ride for late summer.

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