Response to electric car piece

Here’s one reader’s thought’s on this month’s electric car article:

Thanks for the article on available electric cars in Out There Monthly.

A few points on the operational cost of electric vehicles: In addition to zero oil changes (cost, inconvenience, petroleum dependence and pollution) its worth noting that the rate of brake pad replacement is about 90% less than a conventional car due to the regenerative braking function. Again, cost, shop time and a major reduction in carcinogenic brake pad dust dispersed into the environment. Another regular and expensive service item on IC cars is the exhaust system, including the catalytic converter, often replaced several times over the life of the car. Lastly, the electric motor itself has a lifetime about 10x that of a conventional IC engine.

These factors should be considered by prospective buyers and go a long way to mitigating any eventual battery replacement concerns.

David Johnson,Spokane

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