Reflekt Polarized Floating Sunglasses

When I pulled my Reflekt sunglasses out of the box, a little card fell out while I was tearing it open like a maniac. Normally, company propaganda like that would be destined for a one-way trip to the recycling bin, but three little words on the front of the card caught my attention before my 1-year old could truck off with it. I pried the mutilated paper from his drool-soaked grip and read the words again in disbelief: “Lifetime +Loss Warranty.” Yes, these guaranteed unsinkable polarized floating sunglasses, which is already too good to be true, will be replaced up to one time for a $35 processing fee thanks to Reflekt’s generous warranty policy. The warranty also covers an unlimited amount of damage claims (breakage, scratches, toddler chewy toy damage, etc.) for life with the previous mentioned processing fee. The potential watersports applications for these light, flexible and fashionable sunglasses are immense: stand up paddleboarding, rafting, tubing, fishing, boating or chilling on the dock or beach. Pretty much any activity where there’s the chance of losing your sunglasses in the drink. Made from a unique frame material called VaporLite, which has the look and feel of ordinary sunglasses, are 20% lighter, allowing them to float. They will definitely be my go-to sunglasses for paddleboarding, floating the Spokane River and lazy days at the lake. Several styles are available in the $99-$139 range, and shipping is free. //

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