RECCO Technology Added to Spokane Regional Air Support

Spokane Regional Air Support Unit (SRASU) is now equipped with RECCO technology to help quickly locate people who are lost, injured or victims of an avalanche or similar emergency. SRASU recently received a RECCO helicopter detector, provided at no cost by RECCO, and was trained in its use.

The way the technology helps Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel find you is simple. When deployed during an emergency, SRASU can activate the RECCO detector, which sends a directional radar signal that is reflected back to the flight crew by a RECCO rescue reflector embedded or attached to the lost or injured person’s clothing or gear. It makes any person wearing clothing with RECCO technology searchable from the air by search and rescue personnel, allowing them to find and help you faster if you get lost outdoors or caught in an avalanche. This detected signal will lead right to your location. RECCO reflectors don’t require batteries or power, they’re very affordable, and they’re very accurate. The technology has saved countless lives including skiers, backpackers, hunters, snowmobilers, mountaineers and snowshoers.

Spokane County’s SRASU is the 8th deployment of the RECCO helicopter detector in the United States. SRASU will fill the gap between Snohomish County in Washington and Flathead County in Montana, which also have the capability to deploy a RECCO helicopter detector.

However, for this technology to help rescue teams find you in an emergency, you must be wearing clothing with one or more RECCO reflectors. You can find gear with RECCO reflectors such as backpacks, boots, helmets, jackets, and pants from your favorite local outdoor gear or ski shop.

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