Rappel Off a Building for a Good Cause

Over the Edge, a Habitat for Humanity-Spokane project that raises thousands of dollars to help local families attain affordable homeownership, is looking for courageous and caring individuals willing to rappel 22 stories down the side of a building. On Saturday, October 14, Habitat for Humanity-Spokane will send 78 fundraisers literally over the edge of downtown Spokane’s tallest high-rise, the 288-foot-tall Bank of America Financial Center.

“I did it our first year,” says Habitat-Spokane’s CEO, Michelle Girardot. “It is definitely a thrill, but certainly not as scary as you might think.” A lot of the people who sign up have had a fear of heights, she adds, and many of them say the experience helped them get over their fear.

This unique campaign is intended to bring both awareness of and relief from the current housing emergency for families that might otherwise not be able to afford a home. As the housing crisis continues nationwide, the organization is determined to creatively raise funds for equitable homebuying opportunities in Spokane County. The demand for safe and affordable places to live has increased dramatically in Spokane County too, with Habitat’s waitlist reaching over 1,000 families hoping for their opportunity to build stability through homeownership. 

The actual rappelling typically only takes a few minutes; however, Girardot adds that some people take their time to enjoy the scenery and experience. Quite a few of the people who sign up have never done anything like this before, she explains, noting that the experience run by rappelling experts is incredibly safe. “You are roped in and have all sorts of safety equipment around you. It would be hard to get hurt in any way.”

Over the Edge spots are limited, but there is still time to register and start your fundraising effort. Registration is only $50 and goes toward the fundraising minimum of $1,000, which Girardot says is typically easy to raise with donations from family, friends, and co-workers given the quality of the cause. Habitat staff are happy to help rappelers reach their fundraising goals if needed too, and participants have until November 14. 

For more information, to register, donate, or for sponsorship information, visit habitat-spokane.org/over-the-edge. (OTO)

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