Rail Trail Ski Day Recap

The inaugural Ferry County Rail Trail Ski Day last Saturday January 15 was quite a success thanks to all who came out and got moving despite somewhat foggy, January weather. At least 70 attended, ranging in age from 2 years old to 80 years young!

Whole families who had never skied or snowshoed before participated and ended up loving it!

We would like to extend a warm and hearty THANK YOU! to the following:

Ferry County Commissioners
Dave Lentz: Forest Service, Equipment Partnership
Bob Lattin: Snow Plow, Instruction
Tammy Magnuson: Instruction and equipment management
Suz Sweeney: Instruction and equipment management
Mike Aho: Equipment and Instruction
Nils Larsen: Instruction and equipment management
Keith Wakefield: Organization, logistics, grooming and instruction
Madilane Perry: Refreshment coordinator
Joss Whittaker: Shovel master
Roadside Sani-Cans: provided restroom facility
Ferry County Rail Trail Partners Board and supporters…

Have a look on our FaceBook page at great rail trail ski day pics

If you don’t have FaceBook, we have a smattering of the pics posted here, a higher quality jpg too.

BREAKING NEWS: United States Senator Maria Cantwell visits Ferry County. We were flattered to have our Washington State Senator visit the Old Fire Hall during her brief visit to Republic. Bob Whittaker, president of Ferry County Rail Trail Partners, updated the senator on our County’s rail trail project. Senator Cantwell agreed it has great potential to bring recreational tourism to our area as well as get our community healthy by offering an all season, easy access, safe muscle powered pathway for all ages.

Find out more: http://www.ferrycountyrailtrail.com/
Email us: info@ferrycountyrailtrail.com

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