Potty Glove Dipe & Wipe

Once you bring a child into this world, you invariably develop a previously unthinkable tolerance of said child’s various bodily fluids. Thanks to a smart and extremely practical product from a Spokane entrepreneur, however, you no longer need to endure even trace amounts of your progeny’s manure on your hands after an on-the-go diaper blowout or potty training fail. The Dipe & Wipe includes a pack of five wipes mounted on germ-proof medical gloves, one changing pad, and a pair of training pants all in a heavy duty, resealable plastic bag for packing away soiled clothing and used wipes and gloves. Use this system correctly, and your little one will be clean and happy with “no poo on you” as the company says. The Dipe & Wipe comes in a 3-pack making it easy to stash them in vehicles, strollers, backpacks, and diaper bags. Learn more and buy them online at Pottyglove.com. //

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