PICKY Bars Review

As a long-distance runner, I’m always on the hunt for a snack that will give me short and long-term energy and tastes good. I’ll admit I’m a bit of picky eater, which makes the problem worse, and is probably the reason I was drawn to a bar named PICKY in the first place. These bars taste good, are easy to stash on any adventure, and are packed with calculated nutrition.

PICKY bars were created in Bend, Oregon, by USA 5K champion Lauren Fleshman. They’re specifically made by athletes, for athletes. Fleshman spent months finding the perfect mix of carbs, fat, and protein, so your energy level perks and stays with you.

PICKY bars come from plant-based protein and focus on combining “foodie flavors” with “athletic know-how.” The bars are gluten free, non-GMO, soy free, and vegan. PICKY bars fill a gap between real food bars and performance bars. And, as I’ve said—they’re just tasty. PICKY flavors include Cookie Doughpness (cinnamon, raisins, walnuts), Chai and Catch Me (almonds, ginger, cardamom), Moroccan Your World (turmeric, ginger, pistachio), and, one of my favorites, Smooth Caffeinator (hazelnuts, chocolate, coffee).

PICKY bars are my go-to emergency bar that I stash in my backpack, purse, and car. Find them at REI or Yoke’s Fresh Market and take them on your next climb, run, kayak adventure, or road trip. You can also sign up for the PICKY club on pickybars.com to have a customized snack pack delivered to your door at a discount. //

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