Petzl Actik 600 Headlamp

This headlamp has everything I look for in wearable lighting. It’s got plenty of power (600 lumens) and is rechargeable so you’re not throwing endless batteries away (although it runs off three standard batteries in a pinch too). It’s also lightweight and comfortable on the move (perfect for night running or ski touring back to your car after the sun goes down), and it has just enough features to be functional without being so complex you struggle to get it to work right if, by chance, you overindulge around the campfire one night. In addition to red lighting to keep from blinding your buddies, the ACTIK 600 has two beam modes for illuminating up close and farther away targets, pivots nice and smooth, and has a phosphorescent reflector (and reflective headband) to make finding it easier. The last cool little feature is an included translucent carry bag that creates a mini lantern with the headlamp in it.  MSRP: $79.95.

Courtesy of Petzl

Derrick Knowles

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