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Book Reviews: March 2006

Dangerous Astronomy Sherman Alexie Limberlost Press, 2005 (Hand-sewn, letterpressed) Limberlost Press, a small publisher in Boise, Idaho, has gathered together ten of Sherman Alexie’s poems in Dangerous Astronomy. Perhaps Alexie’s poetry is best known for fierce and insightful attacks against the eradication of Native American culture and history. In One Stick Song, for example, Alexie

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Book Reviews: February 2006

Being Caribou Karsten Heuer Mountaineers Books, 2005, 237 pages. Winner 2005 Banff Mountain Book Festival Grand Prize. Imagine yourself embarking on a five-month, 1000-mile skiing/backpacking trek across the wilds of Canada’s Yukon and Alaska’s North Slope following a herd of caribou from their wintering grounds to their summer calving grounds and back. Do this knowing

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