Paddling the Moses Lake Water Trail

There’s something about finding a lake in the middle of a sagebrush-filled desert that makes it all the more unique to explore. Moses Lake, Washington, is such a lake, surrounded by a town of 23,000, sprawling agricultural fields, and home to some of the most spectacular desert sunsets. The Moses Lake Water Trail is a watercraft roadmap for adventure.

Start your paddle from Connelly Park, Peninsula Park, or the popular Blue Heron Park. Camp and launch from Cascade Park in the second full week of August and you’ll be able to walk to the Grant County Fair. Other lake access points include Neppel Landing, Montlake Park, the downtown McCosh Park, and the Bureau Irrigation Dams launch site, which connects to Potholes Reservoir.

Moses Lake provides an open playground for fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing, and sail boating. The lake is 18 miles long, includes 120 miles of shoreline, and is home to a variety of fish and birds, including blue heron. After a day on the water, enjoy a meal at Michael’s on the Lake or visit Ten Pin Brewing for craft beer in the local bowling alley. 

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