Outdoor Gear Review: Bridgedale’s Fusion Tech Hike & Ski Socks

Fusion makes for some killer eats in the culinary world, and when it comes to technical socks that are tough enough to take the abuse your outdoor adventuring inevitably throws at them, Bridgedale’s Fusion Technology sets its socks apart from other brands. Fusion Tech is the result of 25 years of sock design and manufacturing at the Bridgedale factory in Ireland and it shows. Perfect for fall and early winter hiking and skiing, these socks are a fusion of up to 15 different yarns to balance durability, comfort, and moisture-wicking.  Depending on the sock, Bridgedale Fusion Tech socks include a combination of Merino, Nylon, Elastane, Isowool, Endurofil, and other high-quality materials. These yarns are blended using the latest knitting technologies to provide targeted cushioning and mesh panels that amplify comfort and ventilation. MSRP: $18.95-$25.95. Bridgedale.com //

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