New Parkour Gym Opens

By Alana Livingston

Krete Academy introduces an opportunity for parkour enthusiasts in Spokane with the city’s first exclusively-indoors parkour gym. Unlike the conventional outdoor setting for parkour activities, this facility provides a controlled environment for practitioners to refine their skills or embark on a new journey. Classes catering to diverse age groups, from preschool to adults, are conducted in a secure indoor space conducive to learning the intricacies of parkour, also known as freerunning.

In this setting, participants not only enhance their physical and mental fitness, but acquire fundamental skills applicable to various facets of daily life. Krete Academy offers classes throughout the week, accommodating individuals of all skill levels and conveniently structured around school hours. Additionally, supervised open gym times provide participants with the freedom to hone their skills using specialized equipment, with no pre-registration required.

Complementing their class offerings, Krete Academy extends its services to camps, clinics and the unique experience of hosting birthday parties. Looking ahead, the academy aspires to introduce parkour competitions, supporting the parkour community in the Pacific Northwest.

While outdoor practice remains an integral part of the parkour experience, Krete Academy ensures that enthusiasts can continue refining their skills regardless of the weather conditions. Whether seeking a fulfilling winter activity or nurturing a lifelong dream of urban athleticism, Krete Academy can help. Experience their unique offerings firsthand with complimentary trial classes available to all. 

Cover photo courtesy of Alana Livingston

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