New Local Footwear Company

Casual footwear designed to handle burly conditions of the Northwest

Get some cool flip-flops (as well as a bettered conscience) by pledging to Spokane’s new casual local footwear company, the Lakes Brand. Part of their mission includes using part of the profits from Lakes Brand footwear to fund the Lakes Foundation. Through this foundation, underprivileged kids can learn to “wakeboard, ski, and just enjoy the outdoors the Northwest has to offer!” according to founder Todd Zyph.

“I want them to be able to do what I did when I was a kid,” said Zyph. This program also allows those not as privileged, like inner-city kids, “just another way to have fun” beyond gangs, drugs, or video games.

Not only does the Lakes Brand’s altruism differentiate it from ordinary, pre-existing footwear companies, its flip-flop’s physical qualities also provides more sturdiness for active, outdoors’ folks. “We added a quarter inch of material on the sole for rougher terrain around the lake. It’s more durable that way,” said Zyph.

The flip-flops’ two main designs – the Skinny Dipper and Kick Arounds – also have a cute interesting design on the underside, with a pattern of the outline of Washington, binoculars, barbeques, and other lake-related items.

So, buy local, and help kids at the same time, by supporting the Lake Brand’s kickstarter campaign.

For more information, please visit their Kickstarter Campaign website, as well as the Lakes Brand’s Facebook.

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