Nelson, B.C.—Cody Caves Provincial Park

Ainsworth, B.C., north of Nelson, is known for its hot springs and access to Kootenay Lake, but lesser known is Cody Caves Provincial Park, located just north of Ainsworth. Cody Caves is a system of limestone caves in the Selkirk Mountains formed around an underground stream. More than 170 million years of erosion have left stalagmites, stalactites, soda straws, and other natural wonders that visitors can see on a guided tour. Adults and children ages 5 or older can experience the cave’s central chambers while learning about the unique formations. More adventurous tours also offer the chance to climb ladders and squeeze through narrow spaces between rock formations. Visitors to the cave can also get the chance, if they choose, to rappel 40 feet to the bottom of Cody Falls. Tours are offered May through October and include basic safety gear as part of the tour. //

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