MoonShade Portable Awning

Sure you can try to find a place to camp or hang out after a hike or mountain bike ride that has perfect tree placement for putting up a tarp for sun or rain protection. But with a MoonShade, you can set up and attach the 9’x7’ awning to a vehicle or other fixed feature just about anywhere.

No perfectly-spaced trees required. Weighing in at about 8lbs and the size of a yoga mat, the MoonShade won’t take up much room in your rig, and the awning’s quick-set-up design with carabiner and Velcro attachments means you can be enjoying a cold one in the shade or protected from light rain in minutes.

Connecting the MoonShade to your vehicle can be done via super strong magnets or suction cups. I tried both and ended up going with the suctions cups, which worked awesome and spared me from being overly paranoid about scratching the paint on our VanDOit campervan.

MSRP: $315.

MoonShade portable awning

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