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My work schedule went to hell a few years ago, so mid-week shop rides have become a thing of the past for me, but no longer. While my work schedule has really only transferred me from one department of hell to another this spring, I will no longer find myself stuck in Yakima without a bike on Thursday nights. Mojo’s Thursday night shop rides are where my gravel riding roots were sprouted, and I have missed them dearly. New for 2023 is the “Lucky 13” series of Thursday Night Gravel Adventure Rides. Each ride focuses on a specific destination in and around Spokane that will knock off whatever weird bike socks you’re wearing. 

Riders can expect 18-25 miles of mixed surface terrain ridden at a relaxed, no-drop party pace. If you need intensity, feel free to surge off the front. It is a beginner-friendly affair, but keep in mind there will be single track here and there on some of these adventures. Mojo will never lead you off drops and gap jumps in the dark or anything like that. If you’re new to gravel riding, this is a great way to get your feet wet, or, more likely, dusty. If you’re new to the area, then you’ll have fun getting lost in the woods with a bunch of goofballs you’ve never met before, and find out why the vibe of the cycling community in the Inland Northwest is so thoroughly stoked. 

The series kicked off in March, so here’s what remains:

May 4th: Mount Saint Michael’s

May 18th: Riverside

June 1st: Palouse

June 15th: Green Bluff

July 13th: Mackenzie Connector

July 27th: Phillips Creek/ Ben Burr

Aug 10th: Spaghetti Bowl

Aug 24th: Riverside

Sept 14th: Belmont

The specific time and location for each ride will be posted at the week of each ride to accommodate any unforeseen changes. But, in general, start times from the shop will be 5:15 p.m. and rides that meet up across town somewhere will begin at 6:00 p.m. Also, you call the shop at (509) 443-4218 if you’d rather hear ride details in a soothing voice. 

What to bring: helmet, bike, water, snacks, headlight and blinky, spirit of adventure … and perhaps a rubber chicken. Oh, and if your weird bike sock collection is dwindling, Mojo’s got ‘em! Options for post-ride tacos and beverages are always on the table.

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