Mission: Possible

Just wanted to get this picture up to illustrate a point; we aren’t here on vacation, we are a peace delegation with a goal of meeting and introducing ourselves to regular Iranians as well as experiencing what this great country has to offer.

As you can see from this photo Jackson and Zach have become old pros at this work. In Shiraz they were just playing soccer in the park when two female university students joined them. More and more came and before you knew it we were talking to a sorority-size group for a couple hours. A delightful time.

Also today Tom met up in person for the first time with Ali, a fellow electronics engineer who time met on the internet forum AVR Freaks. Ali hung out with us for half the day and exchanged gifts, giving Tom a book of Persian poetry. Now everyone on AVR Freaks knows about our trip to Iran.

Tom and Ali.

Bazaar in Shiraz.

Bathhouse museum in Shiraz.

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