Metallica Vs. Trails


Full disclosure: I love Metallica. Growing up metal in Spokane they were always one of my favorite bands. The impact of their first four records is still being felt. So I was dismayed to read a report in the SF Chronicle about James Hetfield erecting a big fence to block trail access in through his property in Marin County.

C’mon James are you Holier Than Thou? This fence is The Thing That Should Not Be. It’s Sad But True that folks need to avoid The Fraid Ends of Sanity by being able to hike in nature on these long-used trails. While outdoor recreation may be in The Eye of The Beholder, you will be the Unforgiven if you block trail access. Look in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I Evil?” Do I want people to call me Leper Messiah? King Nothing? Or Phantom Lord? Why not be the Hero of the Day and reopen the trails?

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