Love Cycling? 5 Reasons to Take your Hobby Abroad

Cycling is a fantastic pastime, which keeps your body and mind active and in top shape. If you’re heading off on a vacation, there’s no reason you’ll have to put your handlebars down for a week or two. Here are five reasons why you might want to join the growing number of people who are taking their cycling hobby abroad.

  1. Enjoy the Weather

It’s a simple place to start, but getting out and seeing more of the world on your bike will naturally mean you experience more of the (preferably pleasant) conditions of the place you’re visiting. There’s nothing worse than being trapped inside a stuffy car or bus on a hot summer’s day. Let a cool breeze help you stay relaxed as you wind your way through the streets and valleys of your chosen destination by bike.

  1. It’s Healthier

It goes without saying that cycling – a form of cardiovascular exercise – will naturally help you achieve a healthier lifestyle balance. However, as points out, there are a number of reasons to maintain your cycle habits while you’re on vacation. Cycling can help you fight against an existing injury, improve the strength of your heart, and just generally help burn the excess calories which you’re likely to pick up from snacking on vacation food.

Photo: Shallan Knowles.
  1. Save Money

Money is hard to come by on your travels, so it’s important to try and save as much as you can throughout your adventure. A fantastic way of doing this is to avoid paying for fuel or public transport, and instead elect to use your bike as a means of getting about. It really comes down to how much travelling you’ll be doing and the average cost of public transport in the region you’re headed to. The site PriceOfTravel provides a useful guide to highlight how much you can expect to pay in all major cities.

  1. Get Around at Your Own Pace

Using a bike will also give you full control over exactly when you want to head somewhere. While many forms of transportation often experience delays, the use of a bike puts the power solely in your hands.

Plenty to smile about on a ride near scenic Colville, Wash. // Photo courtesy of Dave McGrane.
  1. Beautiful Views

The world is full of breath-taking scenery and riding a bike allows you to get out and explore some of the most awe-inspiring natural routes on Earth. The site TINZ provides a detailed list of some of the best examples for amazing cycle locations, including these highlights:

  • Tasmania – a 400km, 6-day coastal ride
  • Tuscany – olive grove hills and vineyards
  • Chile – Colchagua Valley

Have these tips opened your eye to the benefits of taking a bike with you on your next vacation? Don’t give up on cycling just because you’re off traveling. //

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