Letter to the Editor: Where’s the Pedestrian Love?

Below is a Letter to the Editor responding to OTM’s interview with Grant Wencel, Spokane’s new Bike/Ped Coordinator. Email Wencel at gwencel@spokanecity.org.

There are two problems with this article.

I am a pedestrian and I walk a lot in Spokane but just the same it is nowhere mentioned in the article that ped is pedestrian. Maybe you think this is obvious, I don’t. It should have been stated once in the article.

Mr. Wencel states that he wants to hear from everyone that uses the streets and walks the streets, how about an e mail address for Mr. Wencel stated at the bottom of the article?

I realize that I could go to City of Spokane website and search for a contact address but maybe I won’t. Good journalism is clear and makes things easier for everyone not harder.

Alan Richter

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