Leki Micro Trail Pro Running Poles

These super-light and easy-to-pack poles, thanks to the ability to fold them up for easy stowing and their 100-percent carbon shaft construction, are perfect for trail running or fast hiking. They proved especially useful on a local trail with a steep pitch. The non-slip, adjustable wrist loops on each pole make for a natural-feeling hold and are made with soft, breathable material. The cork-like thermal grip extension of the pole handles kept dry despite hours of sweating. As I tested these poles on a black-diamond-rated trail, I noticed they were especially useful for technical intervals. These poles are handy in trail situations where you’d like some added balance or stability on a rocky climb. If you’re unfamiliar with trail running poles, they may take some time to get used to, but the Micro Trail Pro are so light you can run with them in-hand as you find a rhythm. These particular Leki poles will lend awesome stability, lightness, and speed to your mountain trail runs. MSRP: $199.95. Leki.com //

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