Last Chance for Main Market Charter Membership

The new Main Market Co-op has some cool benefits for Charter Members that expire this Sunday. Read below to see how you can support this cool project:

Hello Friends & Colleagues!

I’m personally involved in an important project that will add
considerable strength and vitality to downtown Spokane, and a much
needed connection between our region’s sustainable farmers, ranchers &
fishermen, and people like you and me. A grocery that cares about the
health of the community it serves.

Main Market, the upcoming consumer food co-op grocery, deli, garden
roof and eco-friendly building is in the midst of construction at the
old Goodyear Tire location at 44 W. Main, at the corner of Main &

Slated to open in Fall of this year, this member-owned grocery will
prioritize local, sustainable foods. As a member-owner your investment
helps create the store, and your voice shapes how the store will serve
our community. We are excited by the growing list of member-owners and
want to be sure everyone is aware of a time-limited chance to showcase
your support forever in the store!

In addition to your one-time member-investment of $180.00, if you can
add $100.00 extra to help us meet our fundraising target to open, you
earn a floor tile engraved with your name, a permanent thank you for
your early and generous support.

A payment plan is available to spread out the member-investment
portion, which might help make it more approachable.

We have to purchase tiles and get them engraved very soon to stay on
track with construction, so this “charter member” opportunity ends
this Sunday, May 31st.

Thank you for your support as we continue to research and provide
foods that are good for you and good for the planet. We’re excited to
create enough demand for this type of food that it might make it
easier for all professional food purchasers in Spokane to access more
of it.

Appreciate your early and visible contribution!
Jennifer Hall

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