Lakes Brand Kick Arounds Flip-FLop ($20)

Whether you’re strolling along your favorite lakeside trail, or just hanging out in the backyard, flip-flops have become essential summer-time apparel items for those who celebrate casual outdoor living.  The Lakes Brand Kick Arounds offer a simple, yet fun spin on this classic piece of footwear.  The Kick Arounds are a basic, all day, everyday kind of “flip.” Built with a four layer foam base featuring Lake’s signature “burly-dense” sole, these flips won’t break down midway through the season like some tend to do.   But what makes these flips really fun and unique is in the details.  The foot strap, made of synthetic leather with a comfy Lycra interior, features one of the company’s slogans embossed in its interior: “I’m at the Lake.”  Looking at the underside of the footbed, you’ll see several symbols of summertime goodness in the form of campfires, waterskis, barbeques and fishhooks.   If your feet require a techier, more ergonomic footbed, then you may be better served by brands such as Teva or Reef.  But as a fun, inexpensive, flip for kicking it at the lake, you can’t go wrong with the Lakes Brand Kick Arounds. //

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