Know Local Fishing Regulations Before You Go

Washington: The Fish Washington app provides up-to-date fishing regs to carry with you; make sure to check the special rules for each water body. Be aware of land ownership where you’re planning to fish.

Idaho: Andy Dux, regional fishery manager for Idaho Fish and Game, highly recommends using the Idaho Fish Planner website before you go. It offers easy access to fishing rules, facilities, what species you’re likely to find, a map and directions, as well as the stocking record for that water body. At the bottom of the page is a link to buy your license online if needed.

Montana: The state’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks department also has online resources.

Zach McCall fishing at Rock Lake. // Photo courtesy Zach McCall (left); Cutthroat trout from the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River. // Photo courtesy Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce; Father-daughter fly fishing on the North Fork (upper middle). // Photo: Amy McCaffree (lower middle); Sean Visintainer, owner of Silver Bow Fly Shop, with a redband trout from the Spokane River. // Photo courtesy Michael Visintainer.

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[Feature photo courtesy of the Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce – Fly fishing on the North Fork.]

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