Jerry White Jr. Moves on From Spokane Riverkeeper

If you’ve heard of the Spokane Riverkeeper, it is likely you’ve heard of Jerry White, Jr., who has operated as the Executive Director of the organization since 2014. As Riverkeeper, White has worked to protect the health and rights of the Spokane River through education, collaboration, and litigation. He has worked on river issues such as salmon recovery with the first waterkeepers, the Upper Columbia Tribes, and strengthened those tribal relationships. With a dedicated board and passionate volunteers, the Spokane Riverkeeper has implemented valuable river cleanups and policies to protect our local watershed.

“When I arrived in this position, I recognized this was the highest purpose for my personal and professional life,” says White, who is now ready to pass the torch. “I feel that this is a natural time in the life of the organization to invite new energy and vision into the community.” The organization will seek a new Riverkeeper this summer who will guide the future of the Spokane River and its tributaries as our region continues to grow. The vision remains a clean Spokane River that has healthy ecosystems and aquatic communities, is safe from pollution, and is accessible by and connected to the entire community for health and enjoyment.

White says he will continue to support the community as it meets its responsibility to the Spokane River, and will be out there swimming with trout and listening to the river. “I will grow into a slightly different kind of River supporter. Perhaps one who tries to hold the lantern for others. I want to thank the many friends, partners and associates who have cared for the river. I am humbled and proud to have worked with you, worked for you, and shared your frustrations, joys and successes.” (OTO)

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