Japan Comes To Spokane

I have to say that I am more and more impressed the Spokane music scene. We’ve got a lot of cool bands and cool new zine called Crunk Roost (hope they ares still publishing). But last night was an incredible affirmation of music in this town. With only a few days notice hipsters filled Object Space gallery on East Sprague to watch Acid Mother’s Temple and Sonic Suicide Squad. Acid Mother’s Temple made a quick stop in Spokane, maybe the smallest metro area venue on their current US tour, based just of the strength of Object Space’s reputation as a venue for experimental music. The Show was amazing. Virtuosic Japanese hippies serving up an intense unification of Ornette Coleman and Black Sabbath. I brought the whole family and they all loved it. Here’s a video I shot of the last 3 minutes. Please excuse the sound quality or lack thereof.

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